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Get high quality Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, Cyanoacrylate Glue, Footwear Adhesive,
Instant Adhesive,Instant Glue at reasonable price!

About Us

There is a wide variety of items that needs to be built properly so as to make them function well and give reliable result. Shoe is a typical example of the aforesaid. A shoe or any footwear is made by sticking or fixing its sole unit, insole and the upper sole, so as to make a proper footwear that can provide safety to our feet and aid us in treading for distances with ease. Similar to shoe, there are various items that requires to be fixed to function smoothly. So, in order to bring forth customers a large gamut of Adhesives that are used to stick products, we, Aman International came into existence.

Our company was established in the year 2005 as not only a Manufacturer and Exporter of Adhesives like Footwear Adhesive, Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, Anaerobic Adhesives including Footwear Adhesive, Super Bond Flex Grade Adhesive, Super Bond Instant Adhesive, Super Bond Wood Glue to name a few. Our offerings find applicability in various industries, packaging, footwear, metal processing, to cite a few. Apart from industries, our offerings are also used for domestic purposes like making craft items, wrapping gifts, and many more. The company is running smoothly and attaining set goals because of the highly experienced professionals who are working under the mentor ship of Mr. Shanker Gupta (Proprietor).

Benefits of Our Adhesives 

Almost every industry makes use of Qcol White Adhesive, particularly when there is a need of binding different materials together. Just like aforesaid products are used in various industries, they are appreciated for various features and provide various benefits. From a huge list of benefits, some of them are as follows:

  •     Improvement in the performance of the product
  •     Re-create, design and customization of product
  •     Improved product appearance
  •     Reduction in the cost of manufacturing product.

Support System

At Aman International, we believe that we have been to make our existence felt in both international and national markets because of our team of professionals and well-structured infrastructure. A short description regarding the same has been given below:

  •   Team- we have a dexterous, active and hard working team of engineers, sourcing agents, quality checkers, movers and transporters who have made their distinct identity and made our company proud doing assigned task in proper manner.
  • Infrastructure- to well manufacture Qcol White Adhesive, along with many other products, we have developed a good and commodious infrastructure as per modern layout. It is fitted with techno advanced machines that aids our professionals to produce quality faster.

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